1. Engine pool How to mine?

Engine pool is a service developed to reduce the cost of mining users, which is convenient and efficient. The mining pool mining process is: registering the account on the official website - binding EOS wallet address - purchasing workforce - daily wallet receives Token income.

2. How do I register to get an EOS wallet?

EOS accounts can be applied for registration on multiple platforms, where Mathwallet support Alipay payment. Can also use bitpieTokenPocketimToken go buy.

3. How to become a VIP?

Click to become a VIP immediately.

4. Can the mine pool purchase workforce be refunded?

Hello, once the workforce is purchased, the refund is not supported.

5. What is the handling fee for the mine pool?

Currently charging part of output as cloud workforce service fee

6. I want to build my own mine pool? How to cooperate?

Third parties with corresponding resource compliance can cooperate with Canton to build a mining pool. Canton provides technical support and branding. For details, please pay attention to the official WeChat public number [IPFS engine] to contact the business.

3. How to increase the workforce? The higher the workforce, the better?

The higher the workforce of the mining pool, the higher the proportion, so increasing the workforce can achieve higher returns.