Shanghai Canton AI Tech Co., Ltd. is an innovative R&D company specializing in Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and big data. Based on the next-generation internet underlying protocol IPFS, Canton provides distributed landing application services.

Integrating existing manufacturing and assembly advantages, Canton pioneered the development of an operating system capable of supporting double-mining of mines, and customized the world's first IPFS (FIL) and IPSE (POST) intelligent double-mining machine: Engine Miner . At the same time, Canton launched a mine pool service to reduce user learning costs.

When solving hard technical problems related to distributed network, Canton combines distributed storage technology and 5G technology, as well as natural language annotation combined with Blockchain technology to develop a new natural language processing platform. The Canton R&D team also focuses on robot navigation map services.

The story between Engine and Mining already existed for a long time. In 1698, a steam engine named "Friends of Miners" was invented and used to help pumping water from coal mines in British.After that, James Watt improved the steam engine and developed an internal combustion engine based on it.Nowadays engine is widely used. It is inevitable that human beings will enter the era of full engine drive. If we want to trace the roots, it is the engine revolution caused by mining. To commemorate the splendid epic of humanity and to open the next era of passion, we name the mining machine "IPFS Engine".

The mining machine is hosted in the mining pool, and the container is converted into standard workforce.

Engine Os is a professional storage mining system independently developed by Shanghai Canton AI Tech Co., Ltd. It uses Big Data + AI to dynamically adjust the storage space allocation, and can intelligently mine between multiple storage currencies to maximize revenue. The engine system can support the collaborative optimization double dig of Filecoin+POST. Its powerful management background adopts Kubernetes server orchestration technology, which can support the mining of mines at the same time. The engine system supports OTA upgrade, and users can easily manage and upgrade the mining machine. The engine system is also unique in storage pool management, enabling multiple storage pools to complement each other to maximize storage optimization and retrieval revenue.

Company: Shanghai Canton AI Tech Co., Ltd.

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