IPSE total workforce and rewards change chart(30)
Four reasons to buy cloud workforce
Stable service

The top-level technical team, the distributed architecture supports the concurrent mining of millions of engine storage servers, the nodes are deployed around the world, and the stable mining network environment is 7 * 24 hours, which effectively improves the mining efficiency by more than 25%.

Easy management

Registered engine storage system, management computing power, mining machines, mines can be universal, efficient and convenient.

Revenue transparency

One-click purchase of computing power on the official website, you can view the real-time income after binding the account, the mining pool is automatically allocated and paid, and the income data is timely and transparent.

supporting double-mining of mines

Supports dual mining of POST and Filecoin, and has the dual advantages of two benefits of one miner.

Self-built mining pool strategy
Mining pool construction
A compliant third party who owns the mine site and network bandwidth resources can purchase an engine storage server to build its own mining pool, and go online on the Canton official website to sell computing power. Canton will provide technical support and brand promotion to support the construction of the mine, and provide consulting services for the mine owners.
Distribution of mining pool power
At present, the unit of IPSE computing power is Xie. The owner of the mining pool can sell up to 60% of the computing power to prevent fluctuations in computing power. Filecoin goes online, all hard disks are full, and after all users have paid the mortgage token, they will distribute Filecoin proceeds according to the agreed method. For additional value-added benefits, such as CDN acceleration, etc., it will also be converted into corresponding tokens and distributed to users.
Mining Pool Application
Applicants please click <Create Pool> below to submit an application form online, and the background management staff will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can consult the official customer service for assistance.
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